2008 A.D...
The Foundation notes a marked increase in the activity of the ‘Children of Ixtab’. They decide to take a closer look...
2009 A.D..
The details of the cult’s sinister plans begin to unravel. Unconfirmed reports of mass meetings; dormant members of the cult begin to surface.

2010 A.D...
An Osiris agent, who had managed to infiltrate the cult ranks, sends in disturbing reports that the cult is stockpiling arms and weapons in secret locations across the globe. The Foundation tracks the exchange of huge sums of money between cult members and nations having nuclear and bio-weapons. Details of transactions between the cult and failed nations in Africa, and the erstwhile Soviet nations come to light.

Most of the world’s oil is obtained from two rigs. The Foundation receives news that the Children of Ixtab have captured a major rig and decide to discreetly recapture it.
Iris is sent in to disable/kill the cult members, to foil their plans by any means possible.
Documents recovered from cult members killed on the oilrig reveal their plans to stockpile nuclear weapons on an island deep in the Pacific.


The game is set on two locations:

The aim is to retake the rig in 4 stages. These include outdoor and indoor sequences.
There are several objectives to be realized on the way, which includes collecting information about the cult’s plans. In order to do this Iris hacks into systems, breaks locks and takes photographs.
She has to eliminate armed cult members, avoid detection cameras, laser beams and other strategically placed deterrents to complete her mission.

The last four futuristic levels of the game take place in the cult’s island haven.
Iris has to use close combat maneuvers in toxic environments, dodge alarms, disable communications devices and demolish escape vehicles.
She is aided by sophisticated weaponry which include vertical elevation mechanisms, night vision, information gathering tools, hacking devices and projectile incapacitators in varying modes of lethal intensity.

The game features advanced Artificial Intelligence that brings in stunningly realistic sequences.

The game will be made available across a wide range of phones that cater to users of phones across the board.




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