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Arvin The Armadillo
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Anacron Crosier
Game Objective

Arvin the Armadillo wasn't like all the other armadillos in Hill Forest. Whereas all the other ones were diligent and hard working, Arvin preferred to have fun. His every waking thought was, "What shall I do for fun?". For one thing he derived the maximum amount of pleasure from watching the workaholic ants, of course not just watching every fifteenth ant would go to his stomach!

But eventually summer merges into fall and fall fades into winter and then comes Arvin's panic. His habit of procrastinating pays its price when he finds himself without a winter stash and sudden panic blinds him into a frenzy of collecting food.


Cool Factor
    Completely absorbing game plot
    Adorable graphics
    Over 100 cleverly disguised maze

Use 2 to move upwards; 4 to move left; 6 to move right and 8 to move downwards.


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