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Arvin The Armadillo
Wappo Junior
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Arvin the Armadillo wasn't like all the other armadillos in Hill Forest whereas all the other ones were diligent and hard working. Arvin preferred to have fun. His every waking thought was, "What shall I do for fun?" For one thing he derived the maximum amount of pleasure from watching the workaholic ants of course not just watching, every fifteenth ant would go to his stomach!           


Wappo, an addictive strategic maze game that boasts of a refreshingly simple and attractive interface , 125 levels of non stop fun and mood setting music. The story dwells around a tribal boy who braves his way into a tribal territory that has been over run by demonic terrifying creatures. This game  is embedded on the SIEMENS phones.

wappo junior

Wappo Junior and his three friends are after honey and decided scaling the granary wall was not a hindrance to be considered! When they started the adventure they were not anticipating the presence of enraged bees and venomous plants! If that didn't tickle their challenge palates Wappo Junior finds that his friends are too scared to move themselves and they will only move in the direction he moves in so now he has to watch for the danger that each of his friends face as well as himself!. This game  is embedded on the SIEMENS phones.

Adam's Apple is an engaging game set in the days of yore. Eve has lost her way in the wilderness and has to get back to a lonely Adam. However her way home is fraught with peril including an evil snake, fireballs and treacherous terrain.                                           

Alien invasion! Jack Stern makes no apologies for being a mercenary. But this time are the stakes too high? An alien mother ship has entered the earth's orbit and a plan is underway for an alien invasion. Jack has succeeded in boarding the ship and it's crucial that he destroys the alien producing machines, but there is indescribable danger at every corner.



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