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Artic Rescue
Pool Shark
Adams Apple
Sea Battle
Jump & Flip
Circus act
Eric & The Magic Sceptre
Arvin The Armadillo
Wappo Junior
Space Battle
3D Shooter
Anacron Crosier

The circus has come to town. Trampoline artists need your assistance in their act. Hold their trampoline for them as they summersault from one end of the ring to the other, till they reach their trapeze. Take care that the artists do not fall elsewhere because ten misses will call for the end of the game. Your aim should be to deliver maximum number of artists across the ring.                                          


The island of Kiki has been taken over by an evil army. Rescue forces are sending in paratroopers as part of their mission to rescue the island. The brave islanders of Kiki use their little boats in helping the paratroopers to land safely on the island. The player will have use all his wits and help rescue all paratroopers, from drowning in the shark infested waters, by controlling the oars of the boat. Also beware the missiles dropped by the enemy troops. An exciting challenge for those who enjoy putting their skills on test.

The object of 3D Shooter is to shoot down the moving target through 3 dimensional space. There are a couple of balloons and bombs floating, at random from three different depths. Three crosshairs guide to focus the three depths separately .The challenge can be won if you are smart at gauging the speed of the balloons and timing the shots from your gun. Avoid shooting at the bombs which can end the game.             

3003 AD , Galaxy Milky Way
The gruesome 11 year war between the "Solar" and "47 Ursae Majoris" planetary systems has just come to an end. The Ursaens were finally vanquished by the valiant fighters of Earth and Mars. But the Urseans were smart enough to hide the "Anacron Crosier" .                                                    


Tunnels is an exciting game that takes the user into a labyrinth of fixed tunnels. The objective of Tunnels is to guide a small worker ant back to his queens palace. The path to the ant colony has a number of fixed tunnels interspersed with dangerous skulls capable of trapping the small ant. The player can choose from six different shapes of tunnels when building the path for the ant.

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