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  21st April, 2005

Softex Digital to distribute applications and games through nokia's preminet solution.
  21st April, 2005
  Softex Digital launches mobile money minder on series 60 platform
  21st April, 2005  

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, INDIA, 21st April, 2005: Softex Digital, a leading DEVELOPER FOR WIRELESS GAMES AND APPLICATIONS, today launched Mobile Money Minder, an optimised personal finance manager, on the Series 60 Platform. Developed by Nokia, Series 60 is the world's leading smartphone platform, with millions of devices already in the market.

The personal mobile finance manager, Mobile Money Minder is now available for Series 60 smartphones via popular content distributors like Handango. The Series 60 smartphone architecture provides users with all the basic and advanced cellular phone functions in a compact device characterized by a large color screen, rich communications and enhanced applications.

Mobile Money Minder is an effective and convenient application for tracking and recording the inflow and out flow of your money. Income and expenses can be tracked from various sources and across any span of time - the amount of detailing is entirely up to you. This kind of detailing allows you to understand your current financial situation as well as give you a picture of what your future condition could be and allow you to plan for all eventualities.

Nokia created the Series 60 Platform and licenses it to leading cell phone vendors LG Electronics, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo and Siemens, who together with Nokia make up nearly two-thirds of global cell phone sales. Series 60 devices feature large, high-resolution screens with up to 65,000 colors, at least 4MB of memory, and support thousands of software titles.

In a nutshell with this optimized application you can
Keep track of expenses of any preferred categories
Manage detailed categorising and subcategorising of expenses and income sources for
complete accuracy
Instantaneous calculations and updates
Generates fully configurable reports in both tabular and graphical formats
Calculates Savings and Liquidity
Enables quick entry of expense information in terms of transaction date, expense category
and amount spent into portable devices irrespective of location or time

For more information on Mobile Money Minder visit Mobile Money Minder page


The Series 60 Platform, based on the Symbian OS, brings open standards and multi-vendor support to the smartphone market. Series 60 devices offer users powerful features such as Internet browsing, multimedia communications and audio and video streaming, plus the ability to play graphics-intensive games and tap into corporate servers to expand the presence and capabilities of enterprise applications. By year-end 2004, 16 devices based on the Series 60 Platform had been introduced.


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