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Game Objective

The island of Kiki has been taken over by an evil army. Rescue forces are sending in paratroopers as part of their mission to rescue the island. The brave islanders of Kiki use their little boats in helping the paratroopers land safely on the island.

As a patriotic islander of Kiki, you will have to play your part in saving your island. The paratroopers are dropped along the islandís shoreline by fast moving helicopters.You will have to use your boat to help in helping the paratroopers land safely. Every paratrooper that ends up in the shark infested waters is as good as lost. If that wasn't bad enough, you also have to avoid the heavy artillery from the fighter planes of the evil invaders, who are doing their best to ensure the failure of the paratrooper landings.

Cool Factor
    Easily understandable user interface
    Pick Up and play type of game 
    An energetic, free-flowing game

Use 4 to move boat towards left, Use 6 to move boat towards right


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