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  November 2005
  Xtreme Penalty Shootout showcased at 3G World Congress
  Aug 2005

World Cup fever: Softex Digital releasing Football penalty game.
  Jul 2005
  Pool goes global:Softex Digital announces release of latest arcade mobile game
Softex Digital - Siemens Advanced Development Partner

As one of the pioneers in the development of J2ME applications, our understanding of the requirements of mobile users is unmatched; as is our expertise in the design and development of mobile applications. A fact endorsed by Siemens when they made us an Advanced Development Partner. In addition to its own considerable portfolio, Softex Digital has been working with Siemens Mobile in the development of path breaking applications and entertaining games that are bundled with and embedded in the latest range of Siemens phones. As a forerunner in the rapidly evolving field of wireless Java technologies, Softex Digital has the expertise to meet your requirements and support you over the long term. Our fine-tuned processes and quality standards are designed to ensure timely-delivery and meet the rigorous requirements of functionality, optimised performance and size, mandated by the limited environs of wireless devices. With our expertise in J2ME, J2EE and networked applications, Softex Digital is well positioned to help you realize the benefits of the wireless revolution.



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