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Pool Shark
Adams Apple
Sea Battle
Jump & Flip
Circus act
Eric & The Magic Sceptre
Arvin The Armadillo
Wappo Junior
Space Battle
3D Shooter
Anacron Crosier

Game Objective

The government has interceded an alien communication, "Operation to invade and enslave all humans is underway. Stage one is to produce an army big enough to overpower every single human!" Alien invasion! The government calls upon Jack Stern who makes no apologies for being a mercenary. But this time are the stakes too high? The government can assist Jack on board the ship but after that he was on his own and every human on earth would be in his debt! Jack needs to get on board he needs to destroy the alien producing machines but there are indescribable dangers around every corner. He could find himself swamped with unimaginably horrible aliens if he doesn't get to the machines on time.


Cool Factor
    Spine chilling adventure game & superb
visual effects
    Exciting Laser shootouts
    Time triggered bombs

Use 2 to move upwards; 4 to move left; 6 to move right and 8 to move downwards/place bomb near production unit and 5 to fire.


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