Softex Digital has a strong foundation in Java technologies, including Core Java, J2ME, J2EE and Java XML. Our long-term expertise in these technologies has enabled us to evolve processes and techniques that help us develop Java software solutions with a high level of efficiency.

Operate reliably in conditions of varying network connectivity
Interface with accessory devices using device specific protocols
Support Bluetooth connectivity
Support a rich feature set on resource constrained mobile devices
Provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface
Support messaging protocols
Can interface with web services
Handle data synchronization (peer-peer and client-server)


Softex Digital is a leading international developer of mobile games and applications. We have the technology, the experience and the expertise to revolutionise the gaming scenario . Softex's innovative approach and path breaking efforts has resulted in a wide range of games : puzzles , strategy games  adventures, RPGs and much more for the exploding world of mobile games.

Run on highly optimised game engines
Are easily ported across a wide range of devices using our automated porting Process  

Include multi-player games based on
Bluetooth, IM and http protocols

Can be easily internationalised for a wide
range of languages

Softex has developed HL7 interfaces solutions for a number of IT enabled services firms catering to the healthcare sector. The interface developed is capable of handling different existing vendor implementations of HL7.


Softex has developed traditional client server based MIS systems for prestigious clients like Parthas (one of the largest textile showrooms in India), Nirmala Automobiles, Seaview Support Systems.



Softex has developed a number of networking applications ranging from a search engine based on agent technology, various utilities like ftp clients, server monitors and the like.



Our team of UI designers and graphics artists can design web sites suited to any requirement be it a corporate web site, academic institution, online store, online club or group site etc. Our UI team also develops high quality graphics for mobile devices.


Softex has developed audio processing tools such as digital audio filters and equalizers, noise reduction tools and other audio enhancement software. These products are currently deployed in large production environments.


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