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Artic Rescue
Pool Shark
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Wappo Junior
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Softex Digital develops high quality games with engaging game play and attractive graphics. If you like mind-crunching maze games, gripping action games or imaginative puzzles, check our portfolio. Advanced AI and simulation techniques are employed in all our strategy and action games to deliver an enriched gaming experience.


Snow capped mountains flakes dusting the top of hundreds of conifer But you're not here to enjoy the scenery! Not at all the scenery will whiz by as you navigate your snowmobile over a terrain  which is filled with treachery! Suddenly you're faced with a mound of snow or a great ditch, which will turn you into a spectacular ball of fire.              

Thyme is a kingdom in desperate need of a hero! The most powerful
element in the universe, the magic sceptre, has been stolen from Thyme and its return is imperative to life's very existence! Eric, a young knight, has answered the call and bravely enters treacherous grounds in order to retrieve the magic sceptre.


Jump and Flip is a challenging and fun skill game where you have a frog in a pond filled with leaves. Convert an entire pond of lotus leaves into beautiful lilies by causing the frog to jump over the lotus leaves. Whenever the frog leaps over an adjacent leaf or over a straight sequence of leaves the respective leaves transform into lilies.


Multi-player Bluetooth Game embedded on the SIEMENS phones. The danger alarm has sounded. Enemy fleets have entered home waters! Prepare to go to war! Your fleet is armed with the most advanced ships available. Strategically place them on the game board so that the enemy is unable to detect and destroy your fleet while at the same time you seek and destroy theirs to bring the tide of the war in your favour                                       

Break'em and let the good times roll or should we say let the balls roll Pool Shark is an exciting time variation of the classic 8-ball pool game. The aim of the game is to pocket the 15 solid balls, racked up on the table, into any of the corner or side pockets within the slotted time.



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