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Game Objective

May day! May day! the call for help from a patrolling Fletcher was abruptly cut off and it sent a clear signal to the Alliance that the enemy had entered home waters! The war had come home! Crucial land and sea battles have been lost and the enemy seems to be riding the winning tide! All is not lost yet but the gravity of this battle cannot be underestimated! The alliance's fleet is under your command! Strategically position your ships, then seek and destroy the enemy's fleet. Winning this battle is critical to turning the entire tide of the war! Your Naval command boasts the most advanced technology and weapons do not fail them! Your armour fleet consists of the latest range of cruisers and destroyers: DD-531 Fletcher; DE-1037 Bronstein; DDG-51 Irwin and the DL-2 Mitchel. It's a battle unto death!


Cool Factor
    Multiplayer action using advanced Bluetooth technology
    Brings you into the reality of a naval confrontation
    Building excitement

5 to toggle between user and opponent's board/flip the ship while aligning it on the board, 6 to move fire point to right, 4  to move fire point to left, 8 to move fire point down , 2 to move fire point up and Centre Click to fire/ to select ship while aligning on board.


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