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Game Objective

When you are the youngest ant in the large colony you live in, it would be better to follow the instructions of your elders. But our little friend here was not very keen on listening to advices and while everyone was away hunting for food, he decides to slip away and venture into some fun of his own, outdoors. It doesn't take him very long to get lost in a treacherous maze filled with dangerous, explosive skulls.

The player has to guide the small ant back to his Queen's colony. The path to the ant colony has a number of fixed tunnels interspersed with dangerous skulls capable of trapping the small ant. The maze is split up into blocks and each block selected can be transformed into a tunnel, by the player. The path laid down should be such that the ant can complete the level in the time specified. If that wasn't enough the small ant is also expected to collect a minimum of two gold coins that lie scattered in the maze. Only then can it advance to a higher level to ultimately reach home. 

Cool Factor
    Absorbing game play to keep your hands twiddling away
    Challenging time factor 
    Simple plot that requires clever thinking

Use 4 to move selection block in left direction , 6 to move right , 2 to move up, 8 to move down and 5 to select type of tunnel to replace block. 


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