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Eric & The Magic Sceptre
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Anacron Crosier

Game Objective

The Sceptre has been stolen by the foul master of wizardry Odo! The king of Thyme has ordered his most gallant knight Eric, to enter the treacherous kingdom of Tyrian to retrieve the magic sceptre. Every step is fraught with unbidden dangers: moving floors, fiery pits, crashing spikes, huge menacing guards and many more unspeakable dangers! These things don't deter our hero from performing what could be his final feat his success would hail him as every man, woman and child's hero and his failure would spell certain doom to Thyme and every other kingdom around! Eric provides realism, challenges and an intuitive game play while mixing fights, puzzles and much, much more! The eerie backdrop lends an ambiance of magic and unbridled dangers providing an element of suspense and spine chills!


Cool Factor
    Mind numbing suspense and hidden dangers
    Challenging and intuitive game play
    Fluid and convincing character animations

Use  4 to run towards left, 6 to run towards right, 2 to jump/ climb, 8 to crouch/climb down, 1 for leap left, 3 for leap right.  When in fight mode 1 to shield, 2 for upper cut, 3 for jab.


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