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Game Objective

The Kiowa tribe had fled their forest after it was overrun by the monstrous Xar Ducs back from the land of the dead. However in the flight for their lives, they left behind priceless treasures housed in many shrines of the large Kiowan stone temple located in the heart of the forest.
Young Wappo, son of the Chief has been chosen by his tribe to venture back to the temple in the heart of the forest and retrieve the tribe's religious relics and treasures. To accomplish this, he has to brave the demonic Xar Ducs and other perilous obstacles that come in his way. Help Wappo outwit the demons, retrieve all the treasure and head back triumphantly to his tribe.
Wappo has to navigate his way through the ruins of the abandoned temple. But our hero has two advantages over the Xar Ducs. First of all, they aren't as smart as he is and secondly he knows the various secret traps built into the temple.


Cool Factor
    Upward spiralling tension factor
    Spine chilling ambience
    Ever-evolving enemies with surprisingly increasing capabilities

Use 2 to move upwards; 4 to move left; 6 to move right and 8 to move downwards.


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