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Eric & The Magic Sceptre
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Wappo Junior
Space Battle
3D Shooter
Anacron Crosier
Game Objective

Snow capped mountains; flakes dusting the top of hundreds of conifers… But you’re not here to enjoy the scenery! Not at all…the scenery will whiz by as you navigate your snowmobile over a terrain; which is filled with treachery. Suddenly you’re faced with a mound of snow or a great ditch, which will turn you into a spectacular ball of fire.

So why rush, why not just cruise along and dodge the nasty mounds and insidious ditches at your own pace? Because you’re being chased by aliens that are following you and constantly attacking! A barrage of satellite ships are constantly harassing you along with their mother ship called the Redeemer. The mother ships require more firepower to destroy and they are numerous in themselves!

Cool Factor
    Do or die kind of action
    Beautiful scenery
    Impossible to put down

Use 6 to accelerate; 4 to decelerate; 2 to jump and 5 to shoot.


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