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Anacron Crosier

Game Objective

In this exciting game you have a couple of balloons and bombs floating, at random from three different depths-the grass, land and mountains. A crosshair guides you to focus and shoot the target down. There are three crosshairs in use, each for focusing the three depths. An object should be focused with the crosshair, corresponding to that depth from which the object appeared. The challenge can be won if you are smart at gauging the speed of the balloons and timing the shots from your gun. A minimum of 5 red balloons should be shot at in each level. To enhance your score and bullet count aim at the point balloons (blue balloon).

Look out for those bombs and Keep a check on the bullets in hand and try to aim those balloons carefully to emerge a winner.

Cool Factor
    Irresistible and exciting game play
    Increasing complexity on level progression
    Ample opportunity to sharpen your shooting skills

Use 4 to move cross hair towards left, 6 to move cross hair towards right, 2 moves cross hair upwards , 8 downwards and 5 to shoot


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