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Wappo Junior
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Game Objective

Wappo Junior, son of a revered warrior, is plucky and mischievous and likes to do nothing better than lead his little friends - Kim, Mia and Cayo - from one escapade to the next. The craggy stonewalls of their village granary are home to a number of beehives with honeycombs full of delicious honey. What a tempting prospect! Our gang of beehive raiders will have to avoid enraged bees and venomous plants while trying to access their treat! Wappo Junior's friends enjoy an adventure as much as their precocious friend but they never anticipated the paralyzing fear that gripped them once they had reached a certain height on the wall while climbing the vines. So Wappo started a game of 'monkey see, monkey do' so now he has to watch not only his own steps but that of his friends as well!


Cool Factor
    Completely absorbing game plot
    Adorable graphics
    Over 100 cleverly disguised mazes

Use 2 to move upwards; 4 to move left; 6 to move right and 8 to move downwards.


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