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Game Objective

Break ‘em and let the good times roll – or should we say let the balls roll? ‘Pool Shark’ is an exciting time variation of the classic 8-ball pool game. The aim of the game is to pocket the 15 solid balls, racked up on the table, into any of the corner or side pockets within the slotted time.

The game comprises of two modes: Practice and Tournament modes. Both modes have ‘Novice’ and ‘Expert’ levels. The time on the clock varies depending on which mode is selected by the user. In ‘Practice Mode’ the user gets 20 minutes and in ‘Tournament’ mode the user gets only 5 minutes!

Cool Factor
    Mastermind the cue ball’s trajectory
    Complete control over the strength of impact
    Realistic graphics
    Challenging time factor

Use 2/ 8 to adjust cue stick, 4/6 to adjust strength of shot, Centre click/5 to play shot.


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