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Bike-o-Meter turns your mobile phone into an advanced cycle computer and is a must-have for every cyclist. This application  was developed for Siemens to be embedded on their latest generation phones.


Monitor your ride in the application cockpit, viewing your speed & height profiles and other trip statistics

Follow navigational information from pre-defined tours, making your way from one waypoint to the next  

View images and descriptions on direction, surface type and gradient, listen to speech memos and view your progress to the next waypoint


Log complete details of your rides and view log reports on your PC


Define tours whilst riding, setting waypoints, taking pictures and recording speech memos as you ride along while recording your experiences for other cyclists

Configure different alerts to notify you of upcoming waypoints  
Upload tours you create to a central tour service. Download tours that you can follow on a ride  
Send details of your ride to friends using SMS, MMS and IrDa  
Configure the application for different bikes  
Browse and edit ride and tour data on your phone  
Enjoy a great cycling experience

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