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Tunestruck is an exciting mobile music application that allows you to listen to your favorite tracks while you play the game. Match the audio clips by listening to the ‘Actual Track’ and ‘Shuffled Mode’, and arrange them by dragging them to the ‘Your Sequence’ section. Play the game with music of your choice that is already stored on the phone, through the file system access option. The search functionality allows you to find tracks on the phone using the name or format of the track. Tunestruck also comes bundled with more than 20 genre specific music tracks like rock, pop, world music and jazz. The game can be played in multiple difficulty levels where every parameter of game play is continuously measured for true feedback of player skill, for an immersive gaming experience.

Innovative UI
Retro styling
Music bundled with the game
File system access
Engaging game play

Comprehensive score calculation

Multiple difficulty levels


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